Thornless Blackberry Plants for Patio Containers

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Navaho Blackberries

Not every gardener thinks of planting blackberry plants in their garden because they can easily become unruly, not to mention that their spread has got to be kept under control – and the thorns are a pain.

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The virtually thornless Navaho Blackberry Plant is ideal for growing in patio containers and will produce a bumper crop of super-sweet blackberries without the need for space.

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Image of Blackberry BushVery easy to grow and disease resistant, the Navaho will produce an abundance of large blackberries straight from the pot (so to speak). Easy to pick fruit, as this blackberry plant produces virtually thornless shoots.

Perfect for growing fruit on the patio, no large open growing spaces are needed.

Aromatic with large super-sweet fruit, an almost thornless blackberry plant for patios and containers.


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Full growing instructions are included with each blackberry plant but here are a few tips:-

You will need a container of minimum size 30cm (1ft wide) x 30cm (1ft deep). Ensure the container has ample drainage holes at the base. It is ideal to have about 2.5 cm ( 1 inch) of stones or crocks at the bottom of the container to assist drainage and cover these with soil or a loam based compost to about 5 cm (1 inch) below the top of  the container. Try to ensure that the plant stem is covered with soil or compost to to its original depth. Give your new blackberry plant a good watering after firming down the soil.

The blackberries will be ready for harvesting from approximately late August to September. If the fruit is for eating it is best to let the berries fully ripen on the plant before picking.

The ideal site for blackberries is in sun or partial shade and ideally sheltered from strong winds. Enjoy picking fruit on your patio although these plants are also suitable for gardens and allotments.

Picture of blackberry bush by Andy Potter

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