Plan Ahead with Low Priced Bedding Plants

Spring Plant Offer

Mixed Pansies

Planning ahead is the best gardening tip that everyone should take on board. Should you really be thinking of next spring already?

The answer is yes because now is the time you can buy bedding plants at the cheapest prices,  delivered to your door for this autumn, just at the right time to fill up the spaces your summer bedding plants leave behind.

Three varieties of bedding plants, ideal for bringing colour to your garden next spring, are Pansy Colourburst, Wallflower Heaven Scent and Primrose Rainbow. An additional bonus is that these three plants are incredibly easy to grow.

These particular plants can be planted out and left throughout the winter as they are fully frost hardy. In the spring they will explode into life flooding your garden with colour.

Pansy Colourburst is always a favourite with gardeners as they flower for months on end and are ideal for borders, pots/containers and hanging baskets. Flowering from March to May growing to a height of about 15cm with a spread of 15cm (approx. 6 ins).

Wallflower Heaven Scent as the name implies have a glorious perfume, are longer lasting than other wallflowers and produce an abundance of flowers. These bedding plants are equally suitable for adding to your borders for waves of colour or planting out in containers. Flowering early from February to May they have a height from 26cm to 30cm (approx. 10 ins to 12 ins) with a spread of 21cm to 25cm (approx. 8 ins to 10 ins ).

Primrose Rainbow are free flowering – giving a spectrum of colours – and beautifully scented. The offer described below includes one of the best mix of Polyanthus you can buy, Polyanthus being the common name for members of the genus Primula (primrose) family of plants. Fully frost hardy and flowering from February to May with a height of 20cm to 30cm (approx. 8 ins to 12 ins) and a spread of 16cm to 20cm  (approx. 6 ins to 8 ins).

All these bedding plants are ideally suited for Pots, Containers, Hanging Baskets, Beds, Borders and Window Boxes.

Currently there is a great gardening offer available for a spring combination pack which includes Pansy Colourburst, Wallflower Heaven Scent and Primrose Rainbow.

The pack includes 63 medium plug plants for a price of £10.38 plus delivery at £3.95 per order regardless of the number of items ordered. This represents a saving of 35% on the RRP of buying them all separately.

The pack includes 21 Primrose Rainbow, 21 Wallflower Heaven Scent and 21 Pansy Colourburst for delivery this autumn.

Spring Plant Offer:

Photo by Kaz Andrew

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